This will be a ladies only event.

Humanity First serves communities worldwide through various projects by driving fundraising activities, engaging volunteers from local communities and our donor base, and partnering with other organizations with similar humanitarian service goals.

Humanity First is a volunteer based operating organization whose board of directors, management team, and project staff running the day-to-day operations are all unpaid volunteers with diverse professional backgrounds including business, healthcare, and education sectors. This unique strength allows us to direct more than 90% of all funds raised towards the humanitarian projects we pursue. All personal expenses are met by the volunteers to maximize the use of funds raised and donated for those in need.

Our Mission

Humanity First's mission is to serve disaster struck and socially disadvantaged individuals and families in the poorer communities in the world. We aim to:

  • Relieve suffering caused by natural disaster and human conflict
  • Promote peace and understanding based on mutual tolerance and respect
  • Strengthen people's capacity to help themselves

Strategic Initiatives

  • Education: Our Kids, Our Future
  • Health Services: Gift of Sight
  • Community Development: Water for Life
  • Disaster Relief